24 Hour Home Care

Find comfort and security with around the clock home care providers

24 Hour Home Care in San Antonio, Texas

Find comfort and security with around the clock home care providers

24 hour home care in San Antonio, Texas. Many people provide unpaid care giving for a family member. However, sometimes having a job, kids and personal obligations plus caring for a loved one can be overwhelming, especially when a senior requires 24 hour home care in San Antonio, Texas.

Seniors who are prone to sleepwalking or wandering require full-time care and constant supervision. With help from our home care providers, there is no need to move your parent into a nursing facility.  They will provide the right amount of care your loved one needs to lead a healthy, active and safe life.

Seniors can continue to live as independently as possible in their home surrounded by their cherished possessions, something that can be extremely beneficial for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Personal Care Management of San Antonio, TX, are highly trained to provide 24 hour home care services to clients who suffer from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, those transitioning from hospital care and those mobility limitations. We provide individualized care tailored to our client’s needs.

Our home care providers will ensure your loved one receives top quality care which will allow them to maintain a lifestyle they were once accustomed to. If your senior needs assistance during the night or if they simply value the security of having someone else in the home at all times, we’ll create an individualized 24 hour home care plan for them.

With our home care providers, your loved one will be able to age in place. Personal Care Management will assist with light housekeeping such as cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, washing the dishes or doing the laundry during the day to ensure your loved senior spends their days in a clean environment. They will also provide support during the night.

Our services include meal preparation, medication management, transferring and positioning, bathing, grooming and toileting, transportation, grocery shopping or running errands. Our 24 hour home care services will give you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is receiving the best care possible at all times.

If needed our home care providers will contact emergency services, no matter if it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night.

If you believe that your loved one could benefit from our 24 hour home care services, don’t hesitate to contact Personal Care Management. We are available 24/7 to give you all the information you need about our care services.

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