Transportation & Home Elderly Care Services

Home elderly care services can help your loved one get around.

Home elderly care services can help your loved one get around

Elderly care at home can help with everyday tasks​

Is your loved one unable to go around town on their own anymore? PCM can help. Our elder care services & home elderly care professionals in San Antonio, TX can drive and accompany your parent wherever they need to go somewhere. 

While your independent senior may be able to do most things around their homes, transportation may become an issue as they age. Maybe they are unable to drive, are struggling with mobility loss, or have poor vision. Whatever the reason, your senior loved one has transportation options through Personal Care Management home elderly care services.

Our Home Elderly Care Services include Transportation

If your loved one needs to get to the grocery store, doctor’s office, or social event, our home elderly care services team is available to help. Our services are available on an as-needed basis and can be integrated into any of our personalized care service plans.

We provide assistance during an outing, or remain in the car if your senior prefers. We can create a transportation schedule around your senior’s preferences and needs.

We can provide additional assistance and support as professional caregivers can accompany your loved one on foot, making sure they are safe and that they feel well at all times. In case your senior mom or dad prefers going alone to certain appointments, we can easily develop a pick-up and drop-off schedule that works best for them. 

Getting out of the house can be great for your loved one’s mental and physical health. Interacting with peers and stretching their legs can help seniors feel less isolated. Transportation services help independent seniors maintain freedom while safely getting from one place to another.

It is very important for your loved one to get out of their home at least once a week and enjoy some level of physical activity, spend time in fresh air, change their surroundings, and socialize with their peers. With the help from PCM, your senior mom or dad can lead a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle and stay independent for longer. Contact us and schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our friendly client care coordinators to discuss your loved one’s transportation needs. 

Home elderly care professionals can provide transportation to the following locations:

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Grocery or drug store
  • Family events like weddings, birthday parties, and bar mitzvahs
  • Senior center events and outings
  • Much more!

Let our home elderly care services team create a transportation plan that benefits your senior loved one and gives you peace of mine. Please contact our office in San Antonio, Texas with any questions or to schedule a free in home care consultation!


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